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Great Image Editing Programs For Still Photographers

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Great Image Editing Programs For Still Photographers

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There is no argument about fact that Adobe Photoshop still remains the best photo-editing software on the market. The downside of this great software is that it requires formal training, it is difficult to master and an expensive to use. Putting this downside in consideration, the article aims at exploring other

photo editing software on the market which provides similar functionality as Photoshop but with little or no associated fees. Each of these programs below can perform fundamental and semi-advanced tasks such as allowing users to resize, crop, and correct exposure with simplicity.


With the advent of the latest version 10, this software now enables OpenCL hardware acceleration by default to keep the program buzzing. Image sharpening now occurs over three stages with a step to tackle sharpness lost to lens diffraction, a step to make global or local tweaks and finally a user-defined output sharpening tool. Before printing an image, Pro 10’s new on-screen proofing tool can be used to reproduce the finalize size, resolution, color, compression artefacts and sharpening.



This year, Adobe has made a massive revamp to Lightroom, resting the perpetual license version and a cloud-centric version called Adobe Lightroom CC. The original desktop-based Lightroom is now referred to as Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom CC offers much of the same functionality as the “classic” version only it is organized around cloud sharing. This software grant users 1TB worth of cloud storage when they subscribe. This storage can be used to store full resolution files in the cloud and access them either via Lightroom CC on the desktop, through a browser or via a mobile app.


Luminar is a flexible editor that lets users hide functionality they don’t want and intelligently suggests workspaces based on the type of images users are editing. Users are also granted the freedom to create their own custom workspace to suit their needs or import workspaces from other Luminar users. The software is boosted by the Neptune release which adds a new Accent AI filter that uses artificial intelligence to examine an image’s contents and apply a range of edits and fixes automatically. Luminar can act as a host program for Macphun’s other editing tools such as Tonality, Snapheal and Intensify. This software does not have image browsing or cataloguing but can rather work as a plugin to Aperture, Lightroom or Photoshop.


Serif affinity offers RAW development, PSD support, support for multiple colour spaces and compatibility with Windows. The latest Version 1.5 sated with new features including 360-degree image editing, HDR merge, focus stacking, support for the new Mac TouchBar and a new colour picker. Other features are PSD write-back and recordable macros so that users can save editing actions and apply them to future images. Affinity Photo can batch-process multiple images and run the job in the background, allowing users the feeding to continue working on other images.


Gimp is a software that meant for people who fancy the idea of never paying for image editing software and working with the open-source world.  For the inquisitive, GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation. This software offers a customizable interface, lens corrections, retouching tools and color channel mixing. The software can also be used on a Linux computer, a Mac (OS X 10.6) or Windows.


The latest update to Corel’s image editing and visual arts software delivers a 50 percent faster boot time and speed improvements across a number of tools. Another major improvement is the user interface which is now totally customizable. Users can turn on and off tools in the toolbar, change icon, scrollbar and workspace sizes, background colors and more. This software boasts an arsenal of creative instruments that has also been expanded with the addition of 30 new brushes, 30 new gradients, 30 new color palettes and 15 new textures.

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