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Ways to Create an Affordable and Effective Explainer Video

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Ways to Create an Affordable and Effective Explainer Video

On November 14, 2018, Posted by , In Explainer Video, With No Comments

Explainer videos have become the media darlings for marketing strategists, companies and people all over the world. These online video ads are the best way for anyone to promote their services, brands or products. And they are very effective when it comes to bringing visitors to your site. If that wasn’t enough, you also have their high ROI and conversion rates. Most typical top rated explainer videos are about 30 to 120 seconds long. There are some which are longer or shorter, depending on the product or brand. In the end though, the results are always the same. The audio visual ads are extremely effective and highly engaging. It is why you see them on almost every company pages and video sharing sites.

For those that want to create an explainer video, they may be hesitant to do so because of the cost factor. However, there are several ways for you to create an awesome explainer video, without spending too much money. This means you can make a very good explainer video that is both affordable and effective. There are many tools to create explainer videos which are easy and simple to use. In addition, you also have several options when it comes to how to go about creating yours. These include making them yourself or hiring someone else to do so.

 Besides hiring a freelancer or a professional, you can also hire a video production company such as SquareShip. Whichever option you choose for you or your company, there are still some steps you need to know and follow. They will assure that you can create a good product explainer video at an affordable price.

Write A Great Story or Script

When it comes to what matters about how to create explainer videos, the first thing you need is a story or script. Hands down, the most important thing is a well written storyline. This will be the backbone of your explainer video. If you do not have a great story to tell, then the video will likely fail. Some people spend more time and money on animation or other things, while ignoring the script. But, even with the best whiteboard or animation on your explainer video, it will fail without a good written script.

As you write your script, remember the most crucial elements to any good explainer video. These include informing the viewer of the problem they have. Then, you will need to tell them that your brand, product or service can help solve that problem for them. Lastly, after showing them how, you insert the call to action.

The Voice In The Video

Some people create their YouTube explainer videos using their own voices. These are typically tutorials though and are not necessarily about brands and products. For companies and people trying to reach a larger audience, they use a professional to do the voice over. After all, the voice in the explainer video is what will help connect it to the viewer. While you may think that using your own voice is great, that is not always recommended. Especially for businesses who want to appear professional. A convincing tone can make or break your explainer video. Besides, you can find people who do explainer video voice over for good prices online.

Create Your Animation, Storyboard and Sound

In the event that you are choosing to create a whiteboard explainer video or animated type, then this is where the creative storyboard comes in. You won’t need to worry about animation if you are using screencast or live action to do your explainer video. But, even if you are doing one of those, you will still need to focus on sound effects and music. Keep in mind that top rated animated explainer videos are successful because of their storyboard. It is how the explainer videos are brought to life. Some people choose to make a funny explainer video or one which contains bits of humor. Part of this is because you want to make your explainer video fun and entertaining.

To bring the explainer visual audio commercial to life, music and sound effects are essential. Watch some of the best explainer videos of 2017 and previous years to see how others use music and sounds to make theirs the best. Adding elements such as these are what will keep people watching your video. They are very valuable when it comes to maintaining a viewer’s attention on your explainer video. At the same time, great sound effects and music also make them more entertaining and interesting. If you can do that, then your conversion rates and sales will be higher. After all, making sure that the potential client watches the video to the end is what matters the most. It is during the end where your call to action will be delivered.

Choose Your Weapon Of Choice

As stated earlier, depending on how much money you are willing to spend, will decide how you create your explainer video. You can choose to hire someone to create it for you. Or you can purchase some inexpensive explainer video creation software. There are many programs online that let you create awesome animated explainer videos without spending too much.

Test Your Video And Promote It

Not all things are done right the first time. It is why you may need to create several drafts to see which one works best. Once you decide on the final, you can make your explainer video. The next step is to promote it using all means necessary and available. Even if you have the best explainer video ever made, it will mean nothing if people don’t know about it. That means you need to advertise it and get people to see it. Use paid traffic or social media platforms to promote your explainer video. This will drive people to view it and hopefully purchase your product, brand or services.

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